Is AI really worth it? We must investigate further.

Efficiency and Productivity


  • Excels with repetitive and continuous tasks.
  • Programming and analysis can be automated to instant requirements.
  • Automated power grids and cleaner solutions.


  • Vulnerable to data corruption or ‘hallucinations’.
  • Without a human-in-the loop mistakes could be critical. Greater cyber security risks and reliance.
  • Overuse of electricity at data centres handling AI systems (Baraniuk, 2024).

Healthcare and Security


  • Accelerated research with simulated clinical trials, optimising diagnosis and treatments.
  • Biometrics: visual systems to control crowds, predict criminal activity and monitor border crossings.


  • Misuse or errors could lead to unsafe results and possible deaths (Arora and Arora, 2022).
  • Surveys could be swayed to falsely inflate the insurance sector.
  • Privacy concerns and risk of false match leading due to lack of nuanced reasoning powers.

Economics and Innovation


  • Optimise product designs enhancing manufacturing quality and growth.
  • AI could hybridise to create better models of itself.
  • Automated drones might lead to greater security and policing.


  • May lead to mass unemployment by automating service industries, production or deliveries.
  • According to Critical Will (2014), it could lead to misuse in weaponisation with unforeseen consequences such as ‘killer robots’.

Education and Entertainment


  • Craft personalised learning programmes. Automated administration to improve teacher-student time.
  • Movie and music creation by users on a whim.


  • Early years students may wonder why they have to learn at all if AI always provides instant answers.
  • The arts industry may crash. Copyright breaches may lead to large lawsuits and affect existing services.

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